Integrative Framework for Blockchain Implementation: Uniting Organizational, Business and Engineering Factors


Amr Adel, Whitecliffe College of Technology & Innovation, New Zealand


Adopting new technologies such as the Blockchain technology requires considering the broad range of different factors associated with the same. There is just the emergence of the scholarly literature on the Blockchain technology. The studies mainly focus on the technical aspects of the technology specking on its architecture, way of functioning and such. Not many studies focus on the framework that can be referred to, to adopt the Blockchain technology. In this study a framework for adoption of the Blockchain technology has been proposed considering the different factors such as organizational, business and engineering factors. Each of these factors has been further divided into sub-factors for better understanding. These factors are interlinked to one another and mutually influence each other. This framework that has been proposed can be implemented by the organizations as a point of reference for adopting different applications of Blockchain. The scholars can further expand the study and refine as well as carry out future research in this domain.


Blockchain Technology, Framework, Transaction Per Second, Cryptocurrency, Contracts & General Ledger.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 10