A Grid-Point Detection Method based on U-Net for a Structured Light System


Dieuthuy Pham1, 2, Minhtuan Ha1, 2 and Changyan Xiao1, 1Hunan University, China, 2Saodo University, Vietnam


Accurate detection of the feature points of the projected pattern plays an extremely important role in one-shot 3D reconstruction systems, especially for the ones using a grid pattern. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a grid-point detection method based on U-net. A specific dataset is designed that includes the images captured with the two-shot imaging method and the ones acquired with the one-shot imaging method. Among them, the images in the first group after labeled as the ground truth images and the images captured at the same pose with the oneshot method are cut into small patches with the size of 64x64 pixels then feed to the training set. The remaining of the images in the second group is the test set. The experimental results show that our method can achieve a better detecting performance with higher accuracy in comparison with the previous methods.


Feature point detection, U-net architecture, Structured light system & Grid pattern.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 16