Critical Discourse Analysis of Huawei on Twitter


Zheng qiqi, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China


Comparing with traditional media, online social media seem to provide more opportunities for people to speak out their ideas. Twitter integrates the whole world users in the platform, so that users from different places can exchange their views in the Internet. These functions own the decentralized feature, which is expected to change the original power structure in international communication. Huawei is an outstanding representative of Chinese company whose texts to some extent illustrate the overseas public ’s evaluation of Chinese image. On that basis, this study adopts the theory of Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis and analyzes the ways of Huawei discourse on Twitter. In this way, the current paper tries to investigate the production, distribution and consumption of Huawei discourse on Twitter. Meanwhile, this dissertation also attempts to discuss the situation of the construction and dissolution of the power structure behind social media in the new media era.


Twitter, Huawei, CDA theory, Mengwanzhou, Renzhengfei.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 6