LEA-DNS: DNS Resolution Validity and Timeliness Guarantee Local Authentication Extension with Public Blockchain


Ting Xiong1, Shaojin Fu1, Xiaochun Luo2 and Tao Xie1, 1National University of Defense Technology, China, 2PLA News Media Center, China


While the Domain Name System (DNS) is an infrastructure of the current network, it still faces the problem of centralization and data authentication according to its concept and practice. Decentralized storage of domain names and user local verification using blockchain may be effective solutions. However, since the blockchain is an add-only type database, domain name changes will cause out of date records to still be correct when using the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) mechanism locally. This paper mainly introduces Local Enhanced Authentication DNS (LEA-DNS), which allows domain names to be stored in public blockchain database to provide decentralization feature and is compatible with the existing DNS. It achieves the validity and timeliness of local domain name resolution results to ensure correct and up to date with the Merkle Mountain Range and RSA accumulator technologies. Experiments show that less than 3.052Kb is needed for each DNS request to be validated, while the validation time is negligible, and only 9.44Kb of data need to be stored locally by the web client. Its compatibility with the existing DNS system and the lightness of the validation protocols indicate that this is a system suitable for deployment widely.


Domain name system, Blockchain, RSA accumulator, Merkle Mountain Range.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 8