A Framework to Protect Iot Devices from Enslavement in a Home Environment


Khalid Al-Begain1, Murad Khan1, Basil Alothman1, Chibli Joumaa1 and Ibrahim Rashed2, 1Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Kuwait, 2Kuwait University, Kuwait


The Internet of Things (IoT) mainly consists of devices with limited processing capabilities and memory. Therefore, these devices could be easily infected with malicious code and can be used as botnets. In this regard, we propose a framework to detect and prevent botnet activities in an IoT network. We first describe the working mechanism of how an attacker infects an IoT device and then spreads the infection to the entire network. Secondly, we propose a set of mechanisms consisting of detection, identifying the abnormal traffic generated from IoT devices using filtering and screening mechanisms, and publishing the abnormal traffic patterns to the rest of the home routers on the network. Further, the proposed approach is lightweight and requires fewer computing capabilities for installation on home routers. In the future, we will test the proposed system on real hardware, and the results will be presented to identify the abnormal traffic generated by malicious IoT devices.


Botnet, IoT, Malicious Activities, Abnormal Traffic Detection.

Full Text  Volume 12, Number 20