Full Mesh Networking Technology with Peer to Peer Grid Topology based on Variable Parameter Full Dimensional Space


Wenqiang Song1, Chuan He1 , Zhaoyang Xie2 and Yuanyuan Chai1, 1JIT Research
Insititute, China, 2Beijing Insititute of Technology, China


The continuous development of computer network technology has accelerated the pace of informatization, and at the same time, network security issues are becoming increasingly prominent. Networking technology with different network topologies is one of the important means to solve network security problems. The security of VPN is based on the division of geographical boundaries, but the granularity is relatively coarse, which is difficult to cope with the dynamic changes of the security situation. Zero trust network solves the VPN problem through peer to peer authorization and continuous verification, but most of the solutions use a central proxy device, resulting in the central node becoming the bottleneck of the network. This paper put forward the hard-Nat traversal formula based on the birthday paradox, which solves the long-standing problem of hard NAT traversal. A full mesh networking mechanism with variable parameter full-dimensional spatial peer-to-peer grid topology was proposed, which covers all types of networking schemes and achieve peer-2-peer resource interconnection on both methodological and engineering level.


Zero trust, Birthday paradox, hard NAT, port scanning, NAT traversal, full mesh networking technology.

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 16