Trust-Based Approaches Towards Enhancing IoT Security: A Systematic Literature Review


Oghenetejiri Okporokpo, Funminiyi Olajide, Nemitari Ajienka and Xiaoqi Ma, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom


The continuous rise in the adoption of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) by businesses has brought unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth. However, due to the distinct characteristics of these emerging IoT technologies like real-time data processing, Self-configuration, interoperability, and scalability, they have also introduced some unique cybersecurity challenges, such as malware attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), DoS /DDoS (Denial of Service & Distributed Denial of Service attacks) and insider threats. As a result of these challenges, there is an increased need for improved cybersecurity approaches and efficient management solutions to ensure the privacy and security of communication within IoT networks. One proposed security approach is the utilization of trust-based systems and is the focus of this study. This research paper presents a systematic literature review on the Trust-based cybersecurity security approaches for IoT. A total of 23 articles were identified that satisfy the review criteria. We highlighted the common trust-based mitigation techniques in existence for dealing with these threats and grouped them into three major categories, namely: Observation-Based, Knowledge-Based & Cluster-Based systems. Finally, several open issues were highlighted, and future research directions presented.


IoT Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Trust, Privacy, Cybersecurity & IoT Security

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 21