Development of a Monitoring System for the Management of Medical Devices


Kazuto Kakutani1, Nobuhiro Ito1, Kosuke Shima1, Shintaro Oyama2 and Takanobu Otsuka1, 1Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, 2Nagoya University, Japan


In recent years, according to the sophistication of Medical Devices (MD), many portable MDs have been used and maintained with central management. However, the central management lends hospital staff the MDs only with managing by a ledger, therefore, missing or subletting may be caused. Furthermore, while the demand for the MDs is increasing due to the COVID-19, there is an issue that it is difficult to operate due to the shortage of clinical engineers against management duties of the MDs. In this study, we develop a power strip device which can measure electricity usage of plugged MD and its position and propose a visualization system for position and operation ratio of the MDs. We implemented 75 developed devices in three hospitals and confirmed that the system was effective to evaluate whether the number of the MDs owned by the hospital is appropriate.


Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Network, Indoor Positioning, Medical Device, Management System

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 4