Lexical Features of Medicine Product Warnings in the Philippines


Shielanie Soriano-Dacumos, University of Rizal System, Philippines


Over the stretch of years, the Philippines has been facing numerous medical problems since the public outcry against a ‘dengue’ vaccine. As a result, parents refused their children from having an anti-measles vaccine which created a medical outbreak in the country. Product warnings are found to be in their optimal position in safeguarding the life of consumerpatients. This paper anatomizes the lexical features of medicine product warnings in the Philippines which are crucial in the response discourses. A range of linguistic frameworks were applied and significant findings were drawn. Lapses on the use of noun abstractness, synthetic personalization, field continuum, adjectives, and adverbs were identified. Such an investigation brought up the transparency of communicative features of medicine safety texts. In the end, linguistic components create a vital impact on the legal content adequacy of medicine product warnings, unfolding the vitalities of these messages in facilitating informed decision making among consumer-patients.


Medicines, Consumer-patients, Linguistic components, Product warnings

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 4