Smoothing Parameter Selection and Alpha-Stable P-Adic Time Signals


Rachid Sabre1 and Walid Horrigue2, 1University of Burgundy / Institut Agro, France, 2Univ. Bourgogne, France


The estimation of the spectral density of stable p-adic signals is already done. Such estimation is based on smoothing the periodogram by using a spectral window. The convergence rate of this estimator depends on bandwidth of spectral window (called the smoothing parameter). The aim of this work is to give a technique for selecting the optimal parameter, i.e. the parameter that achieves the estimation with the best convergence rate. For that purpose, we were inspired by the cross-validation method of finding the optimal parameter. This method minimizes the integrated square error estimate.


Spectral density, p-adic processes, stable random field.

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 9