Digital Era: Navigating VMI and Supply Chain for Sustainable Success


Odunayo J. Akindote, Wilmington University, United States


This study looks at how digital transformation affects supply chain management and vendor management inventory (VMI), highlighting the benefits and problems of the digital era. The research investigates how information technology (IT) may improve operational effectiveness, foster innovation, and optimize operations. It also addresses the importance of integrating sustainability into VMI and supply chain management practices and highlights how IT can support these efforts. The paper discusses various strategies for achieving sustainable VMI and supply chain management, such as green procurement, resource efficiency, and closed-loop supply chain management. This paper intends to offer insights for businesses looking to enhance their VMI and supply chain management processes and assure long-term success in a fast-shifting business environment by evaluating the role of IT in tackling the complexity created by digital transformation.


Digital transformation, vendor management, supply chain, innovation

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 9