Creating an Equitable Option for High School Internship Opportunities: An Online Platform for Efficiently Connecting Students and Employers


Eiffel Vuong1 and Kevin Jones2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


Internships are nearly impossible to find as a highschooler outside of paying for one or having familial connections[1]. A reason for this is that there are only substandard public resources for finding these internships as ahighschooler [2]. So, by creating an equitable option through an online website, highschoolers would be able tofindinternships much better. Within the proposed website would include ways to search/filter for internships, haveemployers create accounts and create internship posts. Students would also need to quickly be able to browseinternship options, which was fixed through adding a list of random internships of dif erent varieties that canbescrolled through on the main page [3]. With this ease of access to obtaining an internship, many highschoolerswould be able to find what interests them easily and help them find experiences that are more worthwhile beyondjust the skills they learn such as helping with college applications or getting a job [4].


Highschool internships, internship platform, Firebase database

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 9