An Survival Knowledge Training Platform to Self-Rescue From Campus Shooting using 3D Modeling and Machine Learning


Congyu Zhao1 and Suraj Singh2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


School accidents have still been a major problem that happens frequently over decades [1]. Safety hazards are alsothe problem that parents and teachers were worried about, especially campus fire [2]. Schools are the main placeswhere we study and live, and are also special places where a large number of minors gather. How to do a goodjobin campus fire safety is not only related to the normal order of education and teaching on campus, but also tothesafety of teachers and students. the vital interests of households and the future of the motherland. Accordingtostatistics, more than 80% of school fires are caused by human factors, and classrooms, student dormitories, restaurants and other living places are more prone to fires. Habitual violations of regulations have become oneof the main factors that cause fires [3]. However, base on all those type of question, this paper designs an game forpreventing campus fire and other types of safety hazards might appearances at school. Our design builds upononunity engine and C# script [4].


Settings, Menu, Opinions, FPS, TPS

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