A Structured Note-Taking Program to Aid in Data Retention and Promote Organization using Mobile Devices as a Medium


Mingyuan Gao1 and Armando Contreras2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


In recent years, note-taking applications have become a common tool due to the simple organizational features it can provide. A key aspect of note-taking applications is the ability to efficiently record and edit large amounts of data. SQL databases are well suited to this task because they provide a reliable and scalable way to manage structured data, allowing note-taking applications to more efficiently store notes, tags and metadata associated with each note. They also support search and retrieval operations, enabling users to quickly find the information they have recorded. In addition, SQL databases provide features such as data stabilization, alternation and access, which help ensure the integrity and security of user-entered data. By utilizing SQL database replication and sharing features, note-taking applications can distribute their data across multiple servers, improving performance and reliability. In our experiments, the app demonstrated its reliability and memory capabilities. With a mean load time of 3 seconds. In summary, note-taking applications benefit from using SQL databases due to their efficiency, scalability, and data management features. These advantages help users maintain integrity, find information quickly, and keep their notes secure.


Note-Taking, Application, Flutter, SQL

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 9