STRCacheML: A Machine Learning-Assisted Content Caching Policy for Streaming Services


Arpan Mahara, Jose Fuentes, Christian Poellabauer and Naphtali D. Rishe, Florida International University, USA


Content caching is vital for enhancing web server efficiency and reducing network congestion, particularly in platforms predicting user actions. Despite many studies conducted to improve cache replacement strategies, there remains space for improvement. This paper introduces STRCacheML, a Machine Learning (ML) assisted Content Caching Policy. STRCacheML leverages available attributes within a platform to make intelligent cache replacement decisions offline. We have tested various Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to adapt the one with the highest accuracy; we have integrated that algorithm into our cache replacement policy. This selected ML algorithm was employed to estimate the likelihood of cache objects being requested again, an essential factor in cache eviction scenarios. The IMDb dataset, constituting numerous videos with corresponding attributes, was utilized to conduct our experiment. The experimental section highlights our model's efficacy, presenting comparative results compared to the established approaches based on raw cache hits and cache hit rates.


Cache Hit, Cache Miss, Content Caching, Machine Learning (ML), Simulation.

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4