An Optimized Writing Efficiency Tool with Integrated Gamification and Work Interval Timer for Enhanced Essay Productivity and AI Advice


Summer Shen1 and Moddwyn Andaya2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


This paper addresses the challenges students face in eficient essay writing, aiming to improve both productivity and writing quality. Students often struggle with overwhelming tasks, slow progress, and lack of motivation duringthewriting process. Our proposal combines the Pomodoro Technique, gamification, and an AI-powered writing quality checker to of er a holistic solution [8]. The Pomodoro Technique breaks down tasks, while gamification elements, including a playful chicken character, make writing enjoyable. An AI-based writing quality checker provides real time feedback on grammar, sentence structure, and clarity [9]. Challenges, such as balancing interactivity and eficiency, were addressed through thoughtful design decisions. Experimentation involved applying the application to various writing scenarios, showcasing its adaptability. Resultdemonstrated enhanced productivity, improved writing quality, and increased user satisfaction. This comprehensive approach addresses the shortcomings of existing methodologies and provides users with a valuable tool to navigate the challenges of essay writing eiciently and efectively.


Essay, Gamification, Unity, Productivity

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4