Study of Voice Generation Method Suitable for Characters based on Human Cognitive Characteristics


Shogo Saito, Sho Ooi and Mutsuo Sano, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan


Previous studies have attempted to estimate existing voices from images of animated characters as a way to generate voices suitable for animated characters, but without good results. Therefore, in this study, to link the voice characteristics to match the animation character withthe image, we devised a method to analyze the voice's tendency to not be uncomfortable and then establish the ratio of voice learning data based on the analyzed tendency data. Specifically, this study prepares multiple voices for one illustration of an anime character, asks subjects to evaluate the voices, and calculates an evaluation based on the evaluation values. In experiments, we conducted an evaluation experiment using the one-pair comparison method, calculated the distribution of learning data based on the evaluation values obtained, and prepared for the subsequent learning process.


Synthesized speech, Voice generation, Character.

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4