WorkTune: A Music-Assisted Writing Efficiency Evaluation and Promotion Platform using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing


Qizhen Zhao1 and Tochi Onuegbu2, 1China, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


In a world where music accompanies various tasks, our paper addresses the challenge of understanding the impact of background music on work efficiency. The background problem centers on the lack of precision in existing studies, overlooking individual preferences and work types. Our proposed solution is a Python-based application that evaluates an individual's work efficiency while listening to different music genres [1]. The user-friendly interface incorporates features like music category selection, login options, and real-time statistics tracking [2][3]. Challenges, such as diverse user interactions and limited data, were addressed through a feedback channel for continuous improvement. The application underwent experiments, including regression model evaluations for essay grading and SVM parameter tuning [4]. Results indicated superior performance, emphasizing the relevance of ensemble learning and optimal parameter selection. This application provides a nuanced understanding of how background music influences work efficiency, offering a personalized approach that people can leverage for enhanced productivity and satisfaction in various work scenarios.


Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Efficiency Evaluation, Classifier

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4