Reflection of Federal Data Protection Standards on Cloud Governance


Olga Dye, Justin Heo and Ebru Celikel Cankaya, The University of Texas, USA


As demand for more storage and processing power increases rapidly, cloud services in general are becoming more ubiquitous and popular. This, in turn, is increasing the need for developing highly sophisticated mechanisms and governance to reduce data breach risks in cloud-based infrastructures. Our research focuses on cloud governance by harmoniously combining multiple data security measures with legislative authority. We present legal aspects aimed at the prevention of data breaches, as well as the technical requirements regarding the implementation of data protection mechanisms. Specifically, we discuss primary authority and technical frameworks addressing least privilege in correlation with its application in Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) on the market at present.


Least Privilege, Attribute-Based Access Control, FedRAMP, Zero-Trust Architecture, Condition Keys

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4