Computecycle: An IoT-Enabled Framework for Combating Obesity via Energy- Harvesting Fitness Equipment for Volunteer Computing Networks


Jerry Ku1, Sikang Sun2 and Yu Sun3, 1USA, 2Purdue University, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USA


This paper presents ComputeCycle, an innovative solution addressing the pressing issues of obesity and energy consumption through a unique fusion of physical exercise, energy generation, and volunteer computing. The background to this problem lies in the global obesity epidemic and the need for sustainable energy sources. ComputeCycle tackles these challenges by motivating individuals to engage in physical exercise, which simultaneously generates electrical energy to contribute to scientific research through volunteer computing. The proposal outlines the key components of ComputeCycle, including a customized bike system with a DC motor, 3D-printed wheels for efficient energy transfer, and a diode-based energy flow control mechanism. Challenges related to wheel attachment and energy flow direction were resolved through innovative 3D printing and diode integration. Experiments showcased ComputeCycle's effectiveness in promoting exercise, energy generation, and volunteer computing, resulting in positive outcomes for health and scientific progress. Our findings emphasize the feasibility of this holistic approach to combat obesity and contribute to sustainable energy solutions. Ultimately, ComputeCycle offers a compelling solution that motivates individuals to improve their health while actively participating in scientific research, making it a valuable and impactful tool for individuals and communities seeking to address both health and environmental challenges.


Energy Generation, Obesity Prevention, Health and Fitness, Internet-Of-Things

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4