An Educational Platform to Enhance Financial Literacy using Multiplayer Interaction and Innovative Game Mechanics


Zinuo Xu1 and Soroush Mirzaee2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic
University, USA


This paper addresses the gap in financial literacy education for teenagers by introducing Landlord Legends, aninnovative multiplayer video game designed to impart essential skills in property and money management [1][2]. Grounded in the recognition of underutilized potential in video games for education, the project draws inspirationfrom the diverse methodologies discussed in "Video Games in Education," "Using a Financial EducationCurriculum for Teens," and "How Multiplayer Games Increase Social Closeness." [3] Landlord Legends providesan engaging platform for teenagers to learn and apply financial concepts while fostering social interaction. Thechallenges in dice interpretation and multiplayer system selection were overcome through meticulous designandresearch [4]. Experimental results showcased the game's ef ectiveness, yielding increased financial literacy scoresand positive participant feedback. Landlord Legends demonstrates the fusion of educational content and gaming, of ering a dynamic and enjoyable approach to financial education that addresses challenges faced by teenagers, making it a valuable tool for enhancing financial literacy [5].


Interactive Learning, Educational Technology, Property Management, Multiplayer Games

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 4