Knowledge-Augmented Dynamic Neural Network Model and its Application in Credit Evaluation


Qingyue Xiong, Liwei Zhang and Qiujun Lan, Hunan University, China


Credit risk is the most significant risk faced by credit businesses. Currently, various approaches are widely used in credit evaluation. However, methods based on expert knowledge exhibit obvious subjective cognitive bias, while both statistical and machine learning methods require a substantial amount of historical data. In cases with limited data, the machine-learning effect is poor. Inspired by the structural similarity between neural networks (NN) and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), we propose a knowledge-augmented dynamic neural network model called KADNN to construct an effective credit evaluation model. This composite architecture will help effectively utilize existing data to alleviate the initial low-data dilemma and can be further utilized for training neural networks. Subsequent data updates can be dynamically incorporated to improve model accuracy. Additionally, this approach improves the comprehensibility and premature convergence issues of the NN model. The proposed approach is validated and evaluated through credit evaluation simulation.


Knowledge Augment, Credit Evaluation, Neural Network, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Machine Learning.

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 6