Two-Layer Crystal Square for Transistors on a Single Chip


Haissam El-Aawar, Lebanese International University - LIU, Lebanon


The number of transistors on a chip plays the main role in increasing the speed and performance of a microprocessor; more transistors, more speed. Increasing the number of transistors will be limited due to the design complexity and density of transistors. This article aims to introduce a new approach to increasing the number of transistors on a chip. The basic idea is to construct two-layer crystal square for transistors; this allows to increase the number of transistors two additional times (four times as many) if the number of transistors incorporated in a one layer of crystal square will approximately double every 24 months according to Moore’s Law without changing rapidly the design complexity and density in a crystal square and without changing the size of a chip (length and width), in this case the height of a chip must be changed for the two layers.


Crystal square, Number of transistors, Feature size, Die size, Design complexity, Density of transistors.

Full Text  Volume 5, Number 10