Boolean Orthogonalizing Combination Methods


Yavuz Can and Georg Fischer, Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany


In this paper a new logical operation method called “orthogonalizing difference-building” is presented. It is used to calculate the difference, but also the complement of a function as well as the EXOR and EXNOR of two minterms respectively two ternary-vectors or two functions respectively two ternary-vector-lists is presented. On the basis of this new method a further logical operation method called “orthogonal OR-ing” is going to be introduced. The advantages of both methods are their results, which are already available in an orthogonal form that has an essential advantage for continuing calculations. Since it applies, an orthogonal disjunctive normal form is equal to orthogonal antivalence normal form, subsequent Boolean differential calculus will be simplified.


Difference-Building, Orthogonality, TVL, Data Memory Request, Computing Time

Full Text  Volume 5, Number 10