Optimal Sizing and Placement of Distributed Generators and Capacitors in Radial Distribution Network


Partha P Biswas1, P. N. Suganthan1 and Gehan A J Amaratunga2, 1Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and 2University of Cambridge, UK


Distribution network is an integral part of power system and it acts as the interface with consumer load points. The network incurs significant amount of losses in the electrical system. Loss minimization remains one of the prime objectives in distribution network optimization. This paper proposes an application of L-SHADE algorithm to simultaneously size and place both distributed generators (DGs) and shunt capacitors (SCs) in distribution network to reduce system real power loss. SHADE is the success history based parameter adaptation technique of differential evolution (DE). L-SHADE improves the performance of SHADE by linearly reducing the population size in successive generations. The algorithm is applied to minimize loss in standard IEEE 33-bus radial distribution network (RDN) and the simulation results are compared with some recent studies on the topic.


Radial distribution network, Distributed generator (DG), Shunt capacitor (SC) , Power loss, LSHADE algorithm

Full Text  Volume 7, Number 13