Acute Leukemia Classification Using Convolution Neural Network in Clinical Decision Support System


Thanh.TTP1, Giao N. Pham1, Jin-Hyeok Park1, Kwang-Seok Moon2, Suk-Hwan Lee3 and Ki-Ryong Kwon1, 1,2Pukyong National University, Korea and 3Tongmyong University, Korea


Leukemia induced death has been listed in the top ten most dangerous mortality basis for human being. Some of the reason is due to slow decision-making process which caused suitable medical treatment cannot be applied on time. Therefore, good clinical decision support for acute leukemia type classification has become a necessity. In this paper, the author proposed a novel approach to perform acute leukemia type classification using convolution neural network (CNN) classifier. Our experimental result only covers the first classification process which shows an excellent performance in differentiating normal and abnormal cells. Further development is needed to prove the effectiveness of second neural network classifier.


Acute Leukemia Classification, Convolution neural network, Clinical decision support system

Full Text  Volume 7, Number 13