A Collaborative Coding Framework of RS and H.264


Jiejun Hu and Xilong Che, Jilin University, China


The quality of online multimedia is required higher and higher, yet the uncertainty of network, such as interference, connection failure, still exists. In order to ensure the quality of service in multimedia transmission, we incorporate erasure code with video code together, and present a collaborative coding framework of Reed-Solomon code (RS) and H.264. First of all, we analyze the common coding pattern hidden in RS and H.264. Then, we design the collaborative coding framework of the two codes. Finally, we give a prototype implementation and validate the coding effectiveness using standard dataset. The erasure data slice goes through the redundant data tunnel of H.264, thus it will not involve extra traffic overhead. Experimental results show that the framework can increase the quality of media transmission.


RS coding, H.264 coding, erasure code, video code, collaborative coding framework

Full Text  Volume 7, Number 8