Dynamic Output Feedback Control for Sampled Data System with Actuator Saturation Using Quantized Measurements


Liuwen Li1, Wenlin Zou2 and Shumin Fei1, 1Southeast University, China and 2Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China


This paper is focused on the dynamic output feedback control of sampled-data system with actuator saturation using quantized measurements. The output signals are quantized before they are transmitted to dynamic output-feedback controller. An augmented system is constructed through a closed-loop system, which is a model with an interval time-varying delay and nonlinear items. Using discontinuous Lyapunov function and linear matrix inequality approach, the criterion of asymptotical stability is obtained; furthermore, on the basis of the above stability condition, we design a dynamic output-feedback controller. Lastly, the effective of the proposed method is proved by a numerical example.


Discontinuous Lyapunov function, Dynamic output-feedback control, Sampled-data control systems, Saturations, quantization.

Full Text  Volume 7, Number 8