Investigating the Implication of Big Data Analytics on Consumer Finance in China


Jiwat Ram1, Ding Ronggui1 and Hong Yang2, 1Shandong University, China and 2IBSS, China


The use of Big Data analytics for business improvements is a vital strategy for survival. In this paper, we report a study that investigates the role of BD analytics on consumer finance, credit card finance in China—a research area that has largely remained unexplored. The largeness and diversity of Chinese consumer market merit an urgent attention and understanding of role of BD analytics is significant both theoretically and managerially. This study achieves that target. Given the exploratory nature of study, we take a qualitative approach. We conduct approximately 30 interviews with baking and finance sector respondents. The data will be recorded, transcribed and translated. We will analyze data using content analysis / thematic analysis technique.


Consumer finance; Credit Card finance; Business analytics China

Full Text  Volume 7, Number 8