The Web-Based Education Journey : A Constant Lifeline


Vidhu Mitha, SRM University, India


E-learning has revolutionized our realm in more than just a listable number of ways. But it took a paradigm shift when it entered the threshold of the varsity system. With the prevailing spoonfeeding era, are the students really ¬industry ready? We answer that by confirming a fact: webbased learning has become the oxygen of freshers in the IT Industry instead of the traditional learning done through graduation. Furthermore, are university enforced e-learning assessment systems a true representation of a student's proficiency? This paper is a peep into what webbased e-learning systems are to a student of today's world, by giving an overview of universitylevel e-learning in India deploying an example from SRM University's organizational framework. It assesses a key e-learning trend, the implementation of which bridges the gap between universities and the industry. It is proposed to provide constructive feedback to the elearning community and shine some light on areas of scope for future developments.


web-based learning, e-learning, university

Full Text  Volume 8, Number 3