Improved Handover Algorithm for Proxy MIPv6 Based on AAA Server


Hewei Yu1 and Meiling Zhou2, 1South China University of Technology, P.R.China and 2GF Fund Management Co. Ltd., P.R.China


This paper proposes an improved handover algorithm which does not need authenticating again if Mobile Node moves within the same Proxy MIPv6 domain. When MN enters PMIPv6 domain at the first time, it needs to make an AAA authentication. But when MN moves between MAGs in the same domain, it can perform handover procedure without the second times of AAA authentication, and speed the handover process. We built a structure of PMIPv6 including AAA server on NS-2, and proposed an improved handover algorithm for PMIPv6 based on AAA authentication. The simulation results show that the new scheme can effectively reduce the handover latency and ratio of packet loss, and improve network performance.


PMIPv6; AAA; handover; fast handover

Full Text  Volume 8, Number 3