Pedestrian Attribute Recognition using Gabor Wavelet Layers


Imran N. Junejo, Zayed University, UAE


We address the problem of Pedestrian Attribute Recognition (PAR) in this paper. Owing to the presence of surveillance cameras in almost all outdoor and indoor public spaces, keeping and eye on pedestrian is a sought-after task with many useful applications. The problem entails recognizing attributes such as age-group, clothing style, accessories, footwear style etc. This is a multi-label problem and challenging even for human observers. We propose using a convolution neural network (CNN) with trainable Gabor wavelets (TGW) layers. The proposed layers are learnable and adapt to the dataset for a better recognition. The proposed multi-branch neural network is a mix of TGW and convolutional layers and we show its effectiveness on a public dataset.


Gabor Wavelets, Convolutional Neural Networks, Pedestrian Attributes.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 15